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MaxLite Moçambique

Client name - MaxLite Moçambique

Project category - Design and Web development

Lead agency - Retrate Labs

Production agency - Retrate Labs

The preview of this website is no longer available since the company ceased operations for an indefinite period of time.

MaxLite breakthrough innovations and solar solutions solve the challenges related to electrical power in Africa. The South African based company came to us to request a website to promote its solar products and services in Mozambique as a new market.

As a company with diverse products, we selected colors and typography that reflects the colorful branding experience the company shares with its customers, and reflects, in general, the colorful ambiance found in Southern African culture.
We wanted the visitors to feel that they were dealing with a well-organized and credible company, hence created several pages that answer most common doubts users might have - from services offered, the background of the founder, the specifications of each product and manuals that explain the installation or maintenance of MaxLite products.
As a company providing a great impact in the lives of people living in underdeveloped areas, we illustrate their impacts through photos shared in the gallery.
MaxLite website was developed aiming to attract new clients and partnerships, so we developed a good looking UI and responsive styles suitable for any screen size.