Image: Leaped Mind job

Leaped Mind

Client name - Leaped Mind

Project category - Design, Web development and Content

Lead agency - Retrate Labs

Production agency - Retrate Labs

Leaped mind job consisted in the creation of the blog platform to share news and updates of the startup. As a platform to reach clients before the release of their product, we implemented the best rules of content creation and lead management to build a mailing list of possible early adopters.

Using soft tones of blue and purple, sans-serif font types, good leading, and white-space in general, we created a minimal interface, to make the reading of the blog content pleasurable. The biggest goal of the website is building a mailing list, hence we added subscription boxes on every page with relevant content and created a vivid contrast of purple and white, that’s impossible to ignore. Moreover, we added other CTA’s at the end of the reading of each article, leading the visitor to share and join the conversation about the article.