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Image: Design kit. Pencils and notebook

How to write a persuasive copy for your ad or landing page: a list of forbidden and powerful words to use

Copywriting is the process of crafting messages that drive the reader to take an action about something. We can determine if a copy is persuasive, in online businesses, if it increases the number of sales made, increases the number of signups in the platform or mailing list, increases the open rate of emails and clicks on links, increases the number of shares, likes, and engagement, among other KPIs that you set and can read in your analytics platform.

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Image: Design kit. The psychology of web design

The psychology of web design: How cognitive bias and design principles make users come back to your website

The interrelation of design and psychology is nowhere new. Researches about buyers’ preferences and decisions towards a brand are relevant for almost a century now and it’s the factor determining the preference of certain colors, words, and other market-based strategies adopted by some companies.

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Image: Gamification - playstation on a yellow background

What is gamification and examples that can help you increase your conversion rate

Gamification is a technique being used by companies around the world for multiple purposes, such as making learning easy, collect data, increase sales numbers, entertain, and provide good experiences to customers.

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Image: Wireframes: how to build a great website

What makes a great website? How to avoid building an annoying website

When it comes to the time to build or redesign your website, you’ll hear many opinions about the next look and features it should have. Many web designers will sell you the new UI, UX and SEO practices in the market - generally those used by big companies, without thinking about the context of your website.

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